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Another great update, another jaw-dropping collection of obscure cinematic wonders for you to discover, and best of all, you can now experience all that enjoyment without the burden of that repulsive summer heat banging down on you! Yeah baby! All right then, let’s get down to it shall we?

We recently threw a western up to see what the reaction would be. It was pretty damn good! So we’re going to fire up yet another and see what happens! This is a wild one – plenty violent and with a strangely unique vibe thanks in no small part to the soundtrack contributed by Gianni Ferrio!

Next comes a very elusive giallo from director Nestore Ungaro. Though originally a made for international television venture, we are proud to present the uncut theatrical version for your viewing pleasure!

Now we’re rolling! I really, really, enjoyed this one! It’s a terrific candidate for your Halloween viewing roster… THERE IS NO ENGLISH! Relax though, we would never choose a title without any English unless we were convinced it could still be enjoyed that way! Besides, it’s the only game in town. It’s gory, has lots of zombies, pretty girls, atmosphere, and Hugo Stiglitz! Here’s a special notice for fans of director Ruben Galindo Jr. and his work… there is more of Galindo’s stuff to come so keep an eye on this page! In the meantime…

This next title is so far beyond any measure of insanity you just know it could only come from Italy! The description says it best so please, do yourself a favor and have a look! You just can’t afford to miss…

And now a little something for your late-night entertainment. It’s the sexy comedy-drama Dagmar & Co.! We’ve gotten a few requests for this so here it is! Now you can take Dagmar and all of her friends home with you!

They say the third time’s the charm! Looks that way to us… ‘The Hammer’ is at it once again in a movie directed by Edoardo Margheriti… And yep, that’s the son of Antonio Margheriti!

Enjoy the movies!



With such a ferocious heat wave causing so much misery just about everywhere you go we thought it might be time for some really cool movies to help get you through. Yes, the updates do tend to happen less during these summer months, but that’s only because of how much we frickin’ hate the summer months! Hopefully, this fine selection of titles will help make up for it!

Stunt Squad makes its triumphant return to the Digital Conquest catalogue!

Creature also reappears on this update! This is a title that we originally took down because we heard rumors about a new DVD release in the works, well, it’s clear how that all turned out! The best part is that in the interim we managed to track down a very nice import Laserdisc print for you to enjoy.

To shake things up how about Charleston! Giuliano Gemma stars in Enzo Barboni’s wild Italian crime/comedy
romance/action hybrid that’s full of a lot of fists and a lot of fun! It’s also letterboxed!

A great cast headlines another of our hyper-rare 80’s Italian war action thrillers!

Stepping into the spotlight with both confident pride and unwavering conviction as our cinema au gratin is the exercisesploitation title to top them all!

That’s it for now! There are absolutely some fantastic things yet to come so stay tuned! All this summertime heat crap, its days are numbered! Hang in there and stay cool! Until next time and always…

Enjoy the movies!



Welcome back! Lots of great titles ready to go on this update! Scroll down to see them all and click any of the pictures to get more in depth details!

First is a title that contains all the gore that’s missing everywhere else and, aside from being uncut, is a damn competent movie to boot…

After that we have a very cool Daniel Greene title that’s sort of tough to place in just one genre. I have noticed some online descriptions, but it would seem as though there has been a little title confusion! It’s a wild one! Definitely a must-have for the action fans!

The Last Shark! Uncut! Widescreen! ‘Nuff said.

Fabrizio De Angelis gives a shot in the arm to 80’s Italian war action with the unexpectedly downbeat…

Around the Conquest office we are all pretty excited about this next movie because it’s our very first Western! And since it’s the first we really wanted to make it count. So, we are proud to present an obscure classic of the Euro-western genre, the excellent…

Beautiful women, demons, Lamberto Bava, story elements rooted in both highly regarded Russian literature as well as one of his own father’s cinematic classics! It’s La Maschera Del Demonio!

Crime time! Gritty, tough as nails, and starring Claudio Cassinelli…

The titles we have lost since the last update.

That’s it for this time!

Enjoy the movies!



Welcome back! We start this week with some very exciting news about payment options! Due to the numerous requests we have been getting concerning accepting money orders we thought it would be a good idea if we did! So, if you want to order via mail order, just hit the Mail Order button for the address and other necessary information! Remember, just click the pictures for more detailed information on any of the titles you see listed below!

Welcome To Arrow Beach is a very cool movie that never did garner the attention it deserved. Well, maybe this completely uncut print will help! After that, Blastfighter picks up the pace a little and man we aren’t kidding! Forgive the theme song (wait until you see who wrote it) and enjoy the high levels or violent action! Green Inferno is next! A return to jungle action films from Italy! And around here we were happily surprised to find out that it is indeed a very entertaining movie! Now we come to the giallo we promised you this time out! It’s The Lady In Red Kills Seven Times!

As more and more people come to visit the site I guess it becomes a little more obvious when a title just disappears. So, to avoid confusion, I am going to start listing in these updates the titles that we will no longer be carrying. The reasons can vary… Either the rights have been purchased or it has already come out on an official DVD in another part of the world, etc. Regardless, when things like that happen we remove those discs from the catalogue immediately. This time we have three…

Gambling City, The Great Alligator, and Murder In Paris are all gone for good but certainly not forgotten!

That’s it for now!

Until next time and always…

Enjoy the movies!



We did it!

Thanks in no small part to all of you reading this, I might add! We made it through our first year! Wow! It sure does go by fast, doesn’t it? Seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we decided to throw 20 titles up and see if anybody noticed. In retrospect, seems like kind of a ballsy move… Happily a great many people noticed and appreciated what we set out to do! Thanks so very much for that. And so, here we are, a year older and I hope a little bit wiser. It’s only going to get better from here, folks! And now, to another great year, to all of you who have in the past and will in the future believe in us, and especially to all these great movies that we love so much! I’ll say it again… It only gets better from here! Cheers!

Now then, let’s get down to business shall we?

Faster then a speeding Fiat!

More powerful than a triple shot of J&B… Neat!

Able to blow the sack off a skeeter with a Magnum at 100 paces!

It’s the latest Digital Conquest update!

First up is one of director Franco Prosperi’s crime classics! If I am not mistaken, that’s Ray Lovelock singing the theme song again just as he did for Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man. Personally, I’m glad he ran with the acting thing. Enjoy this very violent, non-stop, butt-kicker totally uncut!

Fred Williamson is back again as hardcore skull-cracking bad ass Robert Malone in…

We have yet another violent crime tale of staggering intensity from genre director extraordinaire Pasquale Squitieri and it’s both letterboxed and uncut. Get ready to feel the kickback of…

If you have a craving for some rare Italian post apocalyptic cinema then we have just the thing for you! This movie has been very cut in many of its releases and that includes the domestic one. No longer! See it uncut the way it’s meant to be seen!

Lovelock returns! Yep, he sings yet another theme song for our next title! This could be an entire update all on it’s own! And not just because of the unyielding beauty of Ornella Muti either, though that sure doesn’t hurt! It’s a classic and masterful giallo thriller from Umberto Lenzi that is easily one of his rarest and most difficult to locate titles! Well… It WAS one of his rarest and most difficult to locate titles! Please enjoy…

Enjoy the movies!




Although it has been longer than we hoped it would be between updates there is a good chance that you’ll find it was worth the wait! This is a real winner! Take a look for yourself!

Your letters of request came regularly for this one and we are pleased to say that the wait is over. If you crime fanatics let this one go by you are cheating yourselves! In all its uncut and widescreen greatness, here comes the magnificent…

Lots of you seem to have a real fondness for Fabrizio De Angelis and his particular style of action film-making, that’s cool ‘cause we like him to! So, here comes another one and this time there’s even a little Italian western flavor thrown in to keep things interesting! Have a look at Ethan (son of The Duke) Wayne in…

Now here comes something we happen to be really good at, yep, it’s another frighteningly rare gem uncovered by us so that we can bring it to you the best way possible! Don’t expect another ignorant caveman cash-in here ladies and gentleman, no sir, take a look at this competently intriguing movie with a cool soundtrack and some surprising gore!

Finding words of introduction that can do our next title justice is a challenging endeavor so we’ll just go right to it! We are very pleased to be able to bring you this classic giallo totally uncut and in the letterboxed format!

Because we know you just can’t get enough (Just like us!), how about another classic Italian crime film from the seventies? Sounds great to us so here’s…

They just keep coming! All right thriller fans… we’ve decided to imbue this update with a dazzling double-dose of giallo greatness! This is certainly one of the strangest movies in the entire genre! That’s not to imply any sort of putdown though because this thing is fantastic! Don’t miss…

Stay tuned, there’s always more to come! Until then and always, enjoy the movies!



Greetings to all friends and first timers! Welcome to a group of movies presented with no theme, no rhyme or reason, and really no real flow to speak of at all. Please take a look at the ‘Ye Olde Curiosity Shop’ of updates. Curiosity shop, pawn shop, whatever, it’s quite a strange collection of, well, strange! What better way to fulfill our promise of an off-kilter update than to begin with this!

That may have whetted your appetite for some exploitative sleaze, if so then bring it on home with...

And yes, Black Angel does have quite a significant amount of below the waist optical censoring, but if you are interested in this violent filth-fest you should really not let that news sway you much. The Japanese print is still the best looking and cleanest sounding way to see this grimy giallo around, so sleaze enthusiasts should take note.

There’s an interesting story on this next title. We had it up a long time ago and when we took it down many asked what had happened to it… We were informed that there was indeed a letterboxed print in the world somewhere! We thought… right! We’re on it! All these months later and with the exhaustion of nearly every available resource we collectively have around the world… we found it! One catch, the print looked like somebody used it for toilet paper before transferring it to video and it’s just a little cut… BY OVER 15 MINUTES!!!! After some major profanity and heavy collective sighing we have brought back what should have been there all along. The totally complete and uncut version of…

Here’s a great title that’s so insanely rare it’s almost off the scales! A massively obscure slasher with a cool 70’s attitude/atmosphere that has been all but impossible for fans and collectors to see for years is now available! Please enjoy…

Next is a weird little Italian sci-fi thing that you can enjoy with the kids, if you are so inclined. This is definitely family friendly fun which makes it another perfect edition to this all over the place update!

Enjoy the movies!




Many of you have let us know that the lack of Italian crime titles on the past several updates is something you feel strongly about; you’d like to see more of them again! Cool, because honestly, so would we! It’s been a real compliment for us to discover how many of you turn to us for what you’re looking for! Thanks for all the endless support! We will keep doing our best for you!

There are many directors from the European crime genre that still remain in relative obscurity despite their obvious brilliance. A couple of them will be on this update; Pasquale Squitieri is the first. For an example of his finer work look no further than the fantastic…

And yet another! Many of you know how we feel about Maurizio Merli around here! Not to mention Stelvio Massi! So then, it’s with great pleasure that we bring you…

Even more crime! If you are an Italian crime fan this masterpiece is not something you are going to want to miss as it’s one of the best around and the biggest crime would be missing out on a chance to see this genre colossus! Hyper-rare no longer, please enjoy the cinematic greatness that is Giuseppe Rosati’s wonderful…

We had a couple of Antonio Margheriti films on the last update; even had one with David Warbeck. For those who were happy about that we have some great news because here’s another!

Now onto one of the best post-apocalyptic movies ever made in America! And Ann Turkel is even in it… Man oh man… Is she devastatingly beautiful or what?

In the ‘something different’ category we offer the following… Have you ever found yourself in the mood for a tremendously silly Italian flick with plenty of nudity and the mentality of a Saturday matinee? Well, whether you have or haven’t, here comes the wildly amusing…

There it is! Until next time… Enjoy the movies!



Looks like the action fans have spoken! You’ve asked for more so here they come! And yes, the jungle warfare theme is intentional! Those letters make quite the difference eh? Keep those comments and requests coming ~ Digital Conquest Enjoy!

Here’s yet another damned Mark Gregory title that’s damned entertaining! All out action takes the damned forefront in a damned movie that was pretty damned elusive… until now that is!

Wild chaotic excess and random meaningless violence are the order of the day in this movie! It’s Fred Williamson smokin’ a cigar and kickin’ some ass! It’s Mark Gregory as a cruel terrorist with no regard for human life! It’s the cinematic equivalent of cubed cheese snacks that have sat out a little too long!

Now, how about Umberto Lenzi returning to the jungle with his surprisingly cool movie…

Here comes an impressive double-feature from director Antonio Margheriti. Tornado is especially cool though not often recognized as such. Perhaps these totally uncut and very letterboxed prints will help!

That should give even the most ardent jungle/action/Italian/eighties/war-film enthusiasts among you a satisfying time with the warm and fuzzies.

Here’s a little news concerning shipping!!!!

NEW AFFORDABLE SHIPPING COSTS: In order to make things easier for our customers all over the world, we've readjusted our shipping costs. Due to earlier confusion with our overseas customers we've decided to make our shipping and handling charge one rate no matter where you live. Our new rate is $5.00 for the first title and $1.00 for each additional title. The more you buy, the more you save. We think that with our competitive rates and new easy shipping costs, you will find an even smoother transaction than ever before.

Enjoy the movies!



Here we go again!

Hopefully, Christmas was a lot of fun for everybody! It’s over now though (collective sigh of relief) so back to business!

We said last time around that there would be some Mark Gregory coming after Christmas and we like to keep our promises so here they are!

Within the milieu of monumental silliness that is the Thunder universe, there is something very cool happening… Fans of the craptastic will not want to miss out on these, especially that third one. We aren’t through with Italian icon Mark Gregory yet! There’ll be more of his movies to come so keep watch for them on future updates!

This isn’t the end! Not by a long shot! If you are a die-hard Franco Nero fan (like us) then you aren’t going to want to let this get by you!

This next title really shows why Tomas Milian gets the respect that he does amongst fans! His performance is both emotional and intense. The man is certainly quite a talent. Please check him out in this very rarely seen (and quite dramatic) Italian science fiction film…

Next, it looks like a straight rip-off with no redeeming value at all, but this is really not the case! Alfonso Brescia’s movies take a lot of flack and that’s sort of a mystery to us since we are always entertained by them! This is no exception!

Gialli fans rejoice! We have a hot one for you. It’s stylish, violent, loaded with nudity, sleazy situations, and features an abundance of beautiful women! Please enjoy

I’d like to address a question we get asked more than any other and that is do we trade? We will be happy to trade, but there are some guidelines. It has to be an excellent condition (at least) pre-record that we don’t already have and we only offer titles already up on the site in exchange. If you have lists and would like to send them please feel free. We will NOT sell or trade our pre-records. EVER! Sorry folks, it just isn’t going to happen. Ever. Nope. No hope. No way. No chance. Dead issue. The end. Period.

That about covers it!

Enjoy the movies!



Greetings and welcome back!

No messing around this time… Not with an update this fantastic!

Another update will be coming after Christmas so keep an eye out for that. If you are a Mark Gregory fan and/or are among those who have written asking when more of his stuff would be up… you might want to make a special effort to check it out!

For those who wrote in wondering if we were going to be here through the holidays - you better believe it! There is a good chance that if you try to reach us Christmas day you might miss. Other than that though, we are here for you!

Enjoy the movies!


Keep the peace and stay safe!



As a special thank you for helping to make our Christmas sale (sure to be an annual event now) a rousing success we’ve decided to make something special available a little earlier than planned!

What a great time to pick up all four volumes! Antonio Margheriti’s series is so ambitious that it spans four discs! If you take advantage of the buy three get one free deal we are offering through December 14th then… Well… We are sure you get the idea!

Enjoy the sale and keep writing in with those requests and suggestions! DigitalConquest1@aol.com

Enjoy the movies!



We hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving! Welcome back!

We are all over the map with this one! For the sake of expediency I’ll just go ahead and run them down now as quickly and briefly as possible… Please click on the title or cover for a more in-depth look!

Toxic Zombies makes its reappearance on this update!

Also, some news for all of the people who wrote in regarding the Gwendoline cover. There are now two listings for this title on the site!

One that says Cover A and one that says Cover B! The pictures correspond accordingly. Just add the one you like best into your order! Are we cool now? Good.

Enjoy the Christmas sale and as always… Enjoy the movies!



Anybody who has been hanging out with us longer than a couple of updates knows how much we love the European crime and action genres! Also, you all know how much we love making them available! In many cases for the very first time! We know it’s been more than a couple of updates since we last added anything from those beloved genres and if the number of requests to get some more of them up is to be any sort of indication then… IT’S TIME! So for all of the die-hard crime/action fans who have shown such commendable patience… This update is especially for you!

We’re going to start this off big! It’s Fernando Di Leo! It’s uncut! It’s ultra-rare! It’s Blood and Diamonds! Yes, we love Di Leo! Sure, we are very biased… Can you really blame us though? Blood and Diamonds… Just another reason why! Barbara Bouchet does her go-go-dancing thing again (Woohoo!), Vittorio Caprioli offers a great turn as the charismatic Commissioner, and Cassinelli is his usual fantastic self! Even more Fernando to come in the future!

Instant momentum! I guess we’d better follow it up appropriately… Director Damiano Damiani graces us with yet another of his thought provoking Italian crime classics! Here comes the uncut and letterboxed version of Confessions of a Police Captain and it is, at least, a resounding success. Damiani directing and contributing to the writing, Balsam and Nero starring, Riz Ortolani creating the soundtrack… Enough said.

Peer into the enigmatic abyss of The Shark’s Cave! I really like this movie! Yeah, it’s weird as all get out and I’m not sure I really understand everything that happens, but I have a lot of fun watching! A strange adventure story about… Well… Better you just check it out for yourselves. Great music, a nice cast and some cool shark gore (similar to Cyclone) all come together in this wild adventure!

Hey, did you ever wonder what it would be like to watch Gordon Mitchell riding a camel? Neither did we, but you can find out anyway if you see The Diamond Connection! A great “what the heck kinda movie was that anyway” sort of thing featuring a story reminiscent of The Deep after it’s been crossed with any number of James Bond style plots on an Italian B-movie budget as seen through the eyes of Sergio Bergonzelli!

That’s it for this round. Though there is always more to come! We have so many exciting titles about to make the updates that we are putting special effort into making them happen quickly! So definitely stay tuned for the next round… It’ll be here soon!

Enjoy the movies!



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