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We’re glad you found your way here and now that you have maybe you would like to know what you’ve stumbled across. We are fans, just like you. We have been in absolute awe of the strange and wonderful worlds that movies have shown us since day one. And let’s face it, collecting has been a lot of fun since DVD first showed itself. We have been granted access to titles we had previously only dreamed of. The thing is, there are still so many more! It’s our mission to close that gap a little bit. We aren’t here to get all your money as fast as we can; we aren’t here to step on anybody else’s toes, and we certainly aren’t here to take away any credit, glory, or profit from those who are so deserving of it. What we are here to do is provide the very best in worldwide exotic cinema for those who want it. We’ll do it with passionate dedication and the highest order of professionalism and offer quality and satisfaction that we know will bring you back for more!

This is not a company that produces factory pressed and widely available product. That which we do produce is chosen based on its lack of availability, and the greater the measure of difficulty involved with fans seeing a title the harder we are going to try to make it available. DVD-R does not magically turn videotape into DVD – of course it doesn’t. What it does do is give a second life to features previously only available on tape. We are going to be digging deep. Nearly every title you will find here is one that has either never been released legitimately in the United States or has been so drastically altered for its stateside release that the heart of the experience is lost in the transition. Every disc will be created from the best original source material available from around the world; long out of print Dutch, Japanese and Greek tapes are examples of what we will use to bring you some of the finest entertainment ever! Gialli? You’ll find them here. Italian Crime and action films? Yes, we have them! Italian science fiction, Euro-sleaze and the finest in European horror you say? You’d better believe it – we’ve got those too. And more!

We understand that many collectors have had neither the time nor the resources to acquire all the equipment, machines, players and/or converters necessary to view some of these International releases. We also understand that there are many who are only just now discovering all of these fantastic movies for the first time and maybe, even with all of those resources available to them, simply missed the chance to find these things since they have become so frustratingly unavailable. Well, consider us an alternative resource! We will not buy somebody else’s tapes and DVD-R’s and call them our own. We respect what some of the other companies are doing as much as we hope you will respect what we are trying to do! Since only original materials will be used, you can count on seeing the best quality available on many titles. No fifth generation “masters” here. Nope, none of that! With DIGITAL CONQUEST you’ll find that we take what we are doing very seriously. The competitive pricing and tremendous values will surely speak for themselves. Every movie comes with full color-custom box art that will contain professional looking discs. You’ll never see blank, low-end media with a hand written sticky note loosely attached. This is not our style. We are fans and collectors just like you! If anything gets announced for a legitimate release we will remove that title from our catalogue immediately! Every disc will be created from original source materials by us and will have been researched to the fullest possible degree! We don’t want to affect anyone’s sales, not in the least! Believe us when we say that if any of these titles were ever slated for a DVD release we would be as eager for them to come out as you would!

One last thing… We are starting off with fewer titles than might be expected and this is entirely on purpose. The way we feel is that quality comes before quantity! Also, we want to know what movies you want to see! Films will be added quite often and the discs you purchase will help to determine what goes up next. Something special you have been looking for? Let us know! We’ll keep track of those requests so that what you want will be exactly what you get! Click the ‘News and Updates’ button to discover information about updates, specials and/or any other exciting news we have to share!

With Sincerity,


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