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Also Known As
Directed by Luigi Vanzi in 1972
Starring Tony Anthony, Adolfo Celi, Lucretia Love, Richard Conte, Irene Papas, Lionel Stander and Raf Baldassarre
The year is 1931 and prohibition is becoming a thing of the past. Bootlegging is left behind for extortion and double crosses are daily occurrences! With mob families struggling for power and money, this can only lead to one thing... Bloodshed! Tony Anthony plays a downtrodden criminal who sees a chance to score big with a local gang by stealing a million dollars from a corpse during the funeral! When they two-time him for all the dough, well, they should have killed him. Unfortunately for them, it didn't happen that way. He kidnaps the mob boss' gal and demands a ransom equal to what he originally stole! Nothing goes as planned, but Tony manages to find time for some whoop-de-do, flapper style, with Lucretia Love in between shoot outs, murders, and torture. It all ends on Christmas Eve with an ultra gory shootout that rivals the climactic scenes in Taxi Driver! For those that enjoy Italian crime cinema set during the golden age of mob bosses and flapper houses, this is not to be missed! We are proud to present this very rare film totally uncut and in English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Terence Young in 1973
Starring Rosanna Yanni, Malisa Longo, Luciana Paluzzi and Helga Line
Looking for European Amazonian babes that wrestle nude in oil? Well look no further than this epic sword and sandal breast-fest. The Amazons are an all woman race that breed once per year with soldiers and compete for the throne. When the new queen takes over, she decides changes should be made in order to further their way of life. Many don't care for the changes and when it becomes obvious she is falling for the king of Greece disguised as a captain, there's mutiny afoot! This all leads to more competition, war, and wrestling in the nude! With an all-star cast of beautiful ladies showing off erotic toga and battle outfits (between all those nude scenes) who can resist! Originally released here in the United States severely cut at 89 minutes, this rare film has surfaced elsewhere in the world at 93 minutes and even 105 minutes, but we are proud to present all the gore and nudity intact at an extensive 107 minutes! Totally uncut in English language with Japanese subtitles!

Also Known As
Directed by Umberto Lenzi in 1971
Starring Ornella Muti, Ray Lovelock and Irene Papas
Ingrid (Muti) and Richard (Lovelock) have the world at their fingertips. They are young, in love and without a care in the world. They’re on holiday in Italy and find that all they need to get by are some naked pictures of Ingrid to sell. This works out for a little while but after they are busted by the police for selling illegal pornography, freed of their belongings by a group of traveling cycle jockeys and asked to leave Italy in 24 hours, things take a turn for the serious. While traveling on an out-of-the-way road the car they’re driving runs out of gas. This happens very near a large villa. Knocking produces no results but the garage door is open so why not steal a little gas to get by on? A hysterical woman (Papas) bursts into the garage screaming and threatening to call the police but is quickly put at relative ease by the free-spirited nature of her guests. This is where the mysteries of this particular giallo are set into motion as all in this house is not as it seems. The lady they meet proves to be unpredictable, screaming and nervous one minute and seductive and sure the next; none of it sits well with Ingrid at all and even Richard eventually decides that something must be going on to warrant such erratic behavior. Indeed, there are many secrets within the walls of the villa and our young lovers soon find themselves in way over their heads! From here on a series of twists and revelations unfold with suspenseful perfection thanks to the proven skills of Umberto Lenzi and his crew. Muti is staggeringly beautiful, as is the location photography. An excellent and recommended thriller that even features the attack sequence set in the aviary that is cut from the Dutch and other prints! This is not to be confused with another of Lenzi’s fantastic gialli from 1971, A Quiet Place to Kill. An Ideal Place To Kill is available for your enjoyment now in English language with Greek subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Michael Anderson in 1981
Starring Richard Chamberlain, Sara Botsford, John Houseman and Barry Morse
There is a madman loose in the city that has the power to destroy anyone at anytime because he is using the ultimate weapon against his victims… the telephone! Chamberlain is Professor Nat Bridger; a man who finds himself unwittingly caught at the center of a recent string of violent murders committed by a killer who uses science to accomplish his evil goals. Soon Bridger isn’t just an outsider looking in, now he has become the next target! This amazingly competent and paranoid suspense film is top-shelf entertainment all the way around! An excellent Canadian thriller that is also a commentary on big business and our ever-growing dependency on the technology that surrounds us more and more each day. First rate writing, directing, cinematography, acting and music all come together perfectly in this unfairly neglected edge of your seat thrill ride from the director of such classics as Orca and Logan’s Run! Why has Bells been over-looked? This is probably due to the fact that when released in America as Murder By Phone several minutes were cut out of it… about 15 in fact! Now you can enjoy this excellent movie totally uncut, just as originally intended, and in English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Tonino Ricci in 1973
Starring Giancarlo Prete, Maria Fiore, Richard Conte, Simonetta Stefanelli, Edmund Purdom and Raymond Pellegrin
One of Sicily’s most highly regarded businessmen turns out to be the region’s biggest criminal and there are few that would stand against him. Giancarlo Prete arrives as the new commissioner and is known for his integrity and ability to get things done! When the inevitable clash that follows leads to the death of a young child and the violent rape of Prete’s lover, everybody soon learns how big the family really is! As is common for Italian crime movies made in the early to mid 1970’s (the golden age of the genre), there is a lot more happening than just shotgun fights and car chases, though there’s plenty of that! This movie, and many others like it, is a violent poem about corruption, loyalty, morality, honor and so much more. Along with the under-appreciated 1971 giallo Cross Current, this is probably Ricci’s most accomplished film. Beautiful Italian locals act as scenic backdrops to this stylish tale of blood and retribution that unfolds on the screen. Mixing Bruno Nicolai’s almost troublingly urgent music into moments of suspense and/or action make this even more recommendable! Enjoy The Big Family uncut and in English language with Greek subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Stelvio Massi in 1987
Starring Fred Williamson, Eva Grimaldi, Maurice Poli and Vassili Karis
Fred “The Hammer” Williamson is Malone, a cop who must protect Elys Trumbo (played by the beautiful Eva Grimaldi) from a band of psychopathic murderers. When Trumbo ends up photographing one of the killers at the scene of a crime, Malone becomes her only hope for survival! They want the pictures and they want Elys dead! The criminals will stop at nothing; nobody who crosses their path is safe! Until now though, these psychos haven’t come up against Malone! Look for Sabrina Siani in one of her final roles. Other releases have left you hanging with only a cut and fullscreen print to deal with. Now you can enjoy this violent movie the way that you were meant to see it! This is uncut, presented to you in the widescreen format, and is in English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Edoardo Margheriti (credited as Dan Edwards)
Starring Fred Williamson, Nicholas Hammond, Emma Hoagland and Kristine Erlandson
Detective Robert Malone is back at it again! This one jumps right into it as Malone is part of a seemingly simple bust that goes bad. He ends up chasing a determined criminal through the streets of the city. When the chase turns into a hostage situation Malone must make a decision… He shoots the jerk-off in the face! Well, that doesn’t sit well with his superiors who feel that his violent methods are far too over the top. So, they send Malone to the Philippines to work under the supervision of an Interpol agent (Hammond of 70’s TV Spiderman fame) so that he can learn restraint and tolerance. Just about as quickly as he can step off of the plane, our heroic detective finds that he is mixed up in a dangerous murder case and perhaps a little romance with the catalyst-victim’s daughter? Perhaps indeed! Sound crazy? It is! Just the way it should be! It’s all a little far-fetched, granted, but Williamson is always cool to watch and the movie is a lot of fun, even if not for the right reasons! A quick note for fans of the original, with Stelvio Massi no longer at the helm, it’s wise to approach this as a reinvention or reinterpretation of Black Cobra rather than as a proper sequel. That being said, it’s also important to point out that you can now finally enjoy The Black Cobra 2 totally uncut, widescreen, and in the English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Edoardo Margheriti (credited as Dan Edwards) in 1990.
Starring Fred Williamson, Forry Smith, Debra Ward, Mike Monty and Maria Isabel Lopez.
Working as a cop in Chicago Detective Malone is having one of his usual days… While doing his shopping three punks try to rob the store! Before it’s over two of them are dead and one is in cuffs. Yep, Williamson is back once again! In this third installment Malone is partnered up with the son of a close friend and a beautiful (and very high maintenance) C.I.A. agent with a big chip on her shoulder. It’s explained that an agent on a big case turned up dead on the banks of a river in Manila. We also learn that the agency itself is in deep trouble; somebody has intercepted a shipment of military weapons, including rockets, and has threatened to make their presence felt unless they are paid off within fifteen days. It’s all connected somehow and it’s up to big Fred and his friends to uncover the weapons… and the truth! Action abounds in this entry and there is also some violence and nudity to round out the evening’s entertainment. Fans of the series will not be disappointed and there is a new twist with the soundtrack, it brings a ‘smooth jazz’ style atmosphere to the proceedings and it tends to grow on you as the movie plays out. Digital Conquest is proud to bring you Black Cobra 3 Manila Connection totally uncut and unaltered and in the widescreen format! Presented in English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Starring Fred Williamson (sort of), Karl Landgren, Bobby Rhodes, Elena Wiedermann and Gaetano Russo.
We have seen low budget Italian movies try to get away with some fantastic things over the years, but this has got to be the topper! Theres gratuitous nudity, theres some major soundtrack thievery (during a car chase/kidnapping scene they play just about the whole theme from Exterminators of the Year 3000!) but there is no Fred Williamson! Well, there is, but all his scenes are from earlier Black Cobra entries, the first in particular. His voice is even dubbed because of the altered dialogue! Karl Landgren (the villain from the original) returns, as do a couple of other incidental characters, in a most failed attempt to create continuity within the framework of the new story. Oh yeah, the plot! Well, a bunch of studded leather jacket wearing terrorists kidnap a professor of something that isn't really clear for purposes that aren't really clear. Later, the bad guys go after the professor's wife, but again, there doesn't really seem to be any reason why this is happening. Williamson lives on as the Black Cobra in a number of repeated scenes but is nowhere to be found in the climax that showcases Bobby Rhodes more than anything else. The newly filmed material is notably bad and often times hilarious but this will definitely be a movie for brave bad-film fans or perhaps for die-hard Umberto Lenzi completists. For better or for worse we bring you the very highly requested (!?) The Black Cobra 4: Detective Malone uncut and in English with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Lamberto Bava in 1984
Starring Michael Sopkiw, Valentina Forte, George Eastman and Michele Soavi
Michael Sopkiw is “Tiger” Sharp, an ex-cop fresh off the block after serving eight years for blowing the brains out of the smirking psychopath that murdered his wife. Now he just wants to retreat to his cabin in the woods and relax. Not going to happen. He starts by adopting a baby deer he finds alone in the woods, but the local yokels decapitate the animal in his car while he is buying it some milk and a baby bottle. Conflicts between Sharp and these overly-aggressive poachers escalate steadily and quickly but it really hits the fan after his best friend is killed, his daughter’s boyfriend is killed, and his daughter, whom he is seeing for the first time in years, barely escapes being gang-violated and killed. Now we have action, lots of it, practically non-stop! And oh crap is it violent! Redneck dip-shits are strangled, set on fire, blown to pieces limb by limb, and with increasing frequency as the movie rolls on! Sopkiw really stands out, as usual, as the stone-faced protagonist and Eastman is fun to watch as king-hillbilly-bad-guy. Honestly, everybody does fine with what they are given but nobody was reaching for tremendous emotional depth here! Just kick back, relax, and enjoy the carnage! The soundtrack by the De Angelis brothers is as cool here as it would be in 85’s Massacre In Dinosaur Valley. There’s lots of talent on both sides of the camera and though it all might seem rather brain-dead, it’s certainly never boring. Besides that, this is another great title to play ‘catch the cameo’ with! Somewhere between Southern Comfort and Hunter’s Blood… Blastfighter finds a home. Many versions are cut to 87 minute; now you can enjoy Blastfighter uncut at nearly 92 minutes and in the English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As

Directed by Gianni Martucci in 1978
Starring Starring Marc Porel, George Hilton, Barbara Magnolfi, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Al Cliver
Porel is Pino Scalise, a decent guy who fell in with a bad crowd and just served six years in jail. He has no intention of ever seeing the insides of those walls again. He lives with an uncle (and the uncle’s daughter Teresa) that’s even managed to find him some good honest work as a truck driver. The first thing a man has on his mind after six years behind bars is… well… After his ‘experience’ with the prostitute in question, Pino discovers that she is his long lost cousin! Awkward… She is working in this line because of the local gangster, Don Chicco. Through an old friend, Pino contacts Chicco and asks that his cousin be released from her duties. Everything is fine but they want a favor in return. That favor leaves a policeman dead and Pino betrayed. Also, there is Commissario Morani breathing down everybody’s neck. Things escalate and soon our hero is in way over his head…way over! Teresa is taken captive, Morani is on the rampage, and Pino is at the breaking point. What’s that mean? You know what it means! There’s fists, cars, bullets, copious amounts of nudity, and some fast Italian crime action that’s every bit as dramatically engaging as it is exciting! Gianni Ferrio contributes a noteworthy soundtrack and once again we have to ask, how do some of these movies stay so obscure? No longer though! Enjoy our uncut print in English language with Greek subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Alberto De Martino in 1976
Starring Stuart Whitman, John Saxon, Martin Landau, Carole Laure and Tisa Farrow
Phenomenal crime/action/giallo that tells the story of Tony Saitta, a tough cop trying to track down the person responsible for his sister’s murder. As the investigation progresses, Saitta realizes that there are many things he never knew about his sister and her lifestyle. The killer is willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary to prevent Saitta from finding the answers he seeks. Very rare and highly recommended, this violent and fast-paced story has a little something for everybody! You’ll also be treated to a fantastic car chase! So many stunts and so much destruction… it’s breathtaking! And if that isn’t enough, watch what happens when Saitta must fight a group of razor-wielding cross-dressers in a penthouse high above the city streets! All this and a fine soundtrack by Armando Trovajoli besides! This is totally uncut and presented to you widescreen! English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Fernando Di Leo in 1977
Starring Claudio Cassinelli, Martin Balsam, Barbara Bouchet and Vittorio Caprioli
Those among you fortunate enough to have previous experience with Di Leo’s work already know what to expect here. Yes, you are getting exactly the same thing you’ve always gotten… Absolute Italian crime perfection magnificently realized! While on a seemingly ‘by the numbers’ heist, professional thief Guido is busted and sent away to prison for five years. His friend and partner Marco escapes but, due to the injuries suffered while getting away, he will remain forever crippled. It doesn’t take much to figure out that the whole thing was a setup and Guido has shortened the list of people that may be responsible down to one… His old boss (played brilliantly by Martin Balsam)! The very day he returns to the real world the woman he cares for most (Olga Karlatos in a far-too-brief role) is gunned down. Reuniting with his old friend Marco, Guido sets out on his mission of revenge! Plenty of action, intense drama, and story-twists (as many as in your finer gialli) fly fast and furious leading to another unforgettable and pulse pounding Di Leo climax! The musical backdrop created by Luis Bacalov is also fantastic. There are many fans quick to point out that Bruno Mattei’s Hell of the Living Dead made liberal use of Goblin’s music. Italian soundtrack aficionados will be interested to learn that the main themes were borrowed from this soundtrack! Blood and Diamonds is yet another excellent movie from Fernando that you can finally enjoy entirely uncut and in English language with Greek subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli in 1988
Starring Brigitte Christensen, John Phillip Law, Marco Di Stefano and Gordon Mitchell
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Italians remade Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Color Me Blood Red in the late 1980s? Well now you can find out with Sergio Bergonzelli’s Blood Delirium! There’s tons of nudity, sleaze, haunting spirits and necrophilia and we’re only talking the opening 20 minutes! From the director of In The Folds Of The Flesh comes a tale about a famous (and completely psychotic) painter played by John Phillip Law who discovers the true color of life and art through blood! Haunted by his deceased love, he meets the often nude Sybil (Brigitte Christensen) and hopes to find inspiration by keeping her locked up as his dead bride! She discovers his terrible secret, but is it too late? Worse yet is Gordon Mitchell as Hermann, the artist’s manservant who keeps the blood drained victims as play toys in his necrophilia museum in the basement! Lot’s of bodies being cut up, sex with corpses and drugged women as the insanity ensues! We bring you this in English language with unremovable Greek subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Frank Mitchell in 1976
Starring Midori, Jonathan Lippe, Jennifer Brooks and John Hart
A rich middle-aged psychiatrist is going to marry a young and beautiful woman in Hawaii. He’s traveling there by boat and it’ll take days to arrive so he’s brought along some people in the hopes of turning the whole thing into a pleasure cruise. There’s his buxom, money-hungry stepdaughter, an old friend just back from the war who has been scarred by his experiences there, a bunch of edgy sailors, and a disturbed patient named Amy. Amy gets to go along because the doc is friendly with her father and they both thought the trip would be good for her. There is nobody who is beyond suspicion once the bodies start to fall! This is pure 70’s Drive-In exploitation and that means nothing less than high entertainment! There’s also some gratuitous nudity and violence to make sure things never slow down. Blood Voyage is an extremely rare slasher movie that has been nearly impossible to see for many years… until now! You can finally enjoy this very elusive movie uncut and in English language with Japanese subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Mario Caiano in 1976
Starring Claudio Cassinelli, Silvia Dionisio, John Steiner, and Elio Zamuto
Cassinelli is absolutely riveting as part of a foursome of robbers that attempts a daring bank heist which turns very bad. Cassinelli and Steiner stay behind after the cops show up and try to keep them distracted while the other two guys make their getaway with the cash. None of it goes down easy but, for the most part, everything works as it’s supposed to. The only problem is that the two ambitious flunkies now have a safe hideout, all the cash and way too much time to think. One convinces the other that a fifty-percent split is a lot better than any other option. Once everybody is together again betrayal is swift and Cassinelli is left for dead. This is not the case and before long they will be hunted like the dogs they are! This is a very intense Italian crime colossus that gives you everything you want and need! Excessive violence, car chases, nudity, and a cool soundtrack courtesy of Gianfranco Plenizio. Caiano’s films have garnered a lot of respect and it’s movies like Bloody Payroll that help illustrate why! We are proud to present this powerhouse title uncut, widescreen, and in English language with no subtitles.

Also Known As
Directed by Enzo Doria and Luigi Russo in 1983
Starring Mark Gregory and Andrea Goldman
A biblical story… Italian style! The tale begins in the familiar way – creation, paradise, temptation, and then banishment. After that, Adam and Eve find themselves struggling for survival in a world very different from the one they had known. They’ll have to endure attacks from the elements, prehistoric animals, a flesh-eating cannibal tribe and more. Worse yet, Adam must also survive Eve! Best of all, would you believe Mark Gregory as the world’s first man? Be ready for a wild ride that’s filled with action, sex, nudity, stop-action effects and even a little gore. Throw in another great soundtrack from the De Angelis brothers and you’ve got yourself some amazing exploitation cinema! English language with no subtitles.

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