Directed by Brett Piper
Running Time – 320 Minutes
DVD Provided by Alternative Cinema

Article written by Douglas A. Waltz

The folks at Alternative Cinema/Seduction Cinema have coughed up another four-pack of flicks for people to double dip with. But, let’s say you don’t have these four flicks? Then this might actually be a rather inexpensive way to get them all in one convenient package. My only concern is that somewhere down the road Mike Raso will get it into his head to release a Misty Mundae 50-pack with everything she has ever been in. Yeah, I’d buy the damned thing. Leave me alone.

Anyway, here is what you get:

– Life imitates art when popular horror actress Rebecca Raven (Misty Mundae) battles a flesh-starved zombie hungry to bite off more than it can swallow. It is a lot like a sexy version of CREEPSHOW. This is not a bad thing. Included are a Behind-the-Scenes documentary, a World Premiere documentary, and a Producer / Director commentary track.

BACTERIUM – An isolated outpost in the wilderness becomes a battleground between humankind and a morphing microscopic monster in this gross-out shocker! When a handful of friends stumble upon the abandoned building, they come face to face with a biological weapons experiment gone catastrophically wrong. This one reminded me of something Corman might have done back in the day. Along with the feature there is a making of BACTERIUM, plus a commentary with (Producer Michael Raso & Director Brett Piper), a Shock-O-Rama Preview, and the Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault.

BITE ME! –A crate of bio-engineered marijuana winds up at a strip joint after a drug deal goes bad, bringing with it a renegade DEA agent and a swarm of monstrous critters. This is my favorite of the four flicks in this package. It contains numerous extras, such as the making of BITE ME, a documentary called “How to Crash a Car in 2 Hours,” and another documentary entitled “Festival of Fear.” Also on hand is the World Premiere Screening, a “Making Movies” interview with Misty Mundae, a CKY “Shock & Terror” Music Video featuring Misty Mundae, a CKY mini-documentary making of “Shock & Terror” featuring Misty Mundae, and the Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault.

SCREAMING DEAD – A history of torture and unspeakable horrors await a sadistic photographer and his three beautiful models when they take up residence in an abandoned insane asylum. I thought this one was demon dull. Included are an “Inside The Asylum” documentary, interviews with Director Brett Piper & Cast, a “From Skin To Scream” Misty Mundae documentary, some NYC movie premiere footage, a Fangoria “Weekend of Horrors” screening/reception documentary, and a SCREAMING DEAD Photo Gallery.

So, as you can see, there is a ton of goodies to be had in this offering from Alternative Cinema.