Directed by Various
2010 – 345 Minutes
DVD Provided by Seduction Cinema
Article written by Douglas A. Waltz

A set that might as well be titled “The Collection that Built Seduction Cinema,” this set collects the first Seduction Cinema film VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION as well as three others.

VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION deals with Dracoola (Tina Krause), Dracula’s daughter who has come to town looking for lesbians. Her logic? If they don’t like men, then they will still be virgins and she can get all the virgin blood she needs. With the help of a schlub by the name of Wally Van Helsing, the last of the vampire killers, they go on a quest for virgin blood.

The scene that makes this such a popular film is with Chelsea Mundae as a babysitter who makes her teen charges do nasty things to each other. Still not sure why two girls obviously over the age of eighteen need a babysitter, but, hey! It’s the movies!

In VAMPIRE VIXENS (2001) this time we get Renfield (John Bacchus) bringing Dracoola back from the great beyond. Yeah, guess what she wants for dinner? If you guessed lesbians, then you would be correct. This time Renfield is bringing them to her, but in bringing Dracoola back, Wally VanHelsing goes through some changes of his own that send him on a hunt for his eternal foe.

MY VAMPIRE LOVER (2001) is the stand out movie in this set because it’s the only one that doesn’t borrow heavily from VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION. Sure, there’s a vampire living in Hooterville and she is fond of lesbians, but it’s different. Instead of a Van Helsing, we get Chip the Cable Guy and a couple of detectives on the trail of the bloodsucker.

Finally, there is THE SEXY ADVENTURES OF VAN HELSING (2004). Released at the same time as the studio film VAN HELSING, this time the Van Helsing is Wilhelmina Van Helsing (Erika Smith) and Dracoola is played by Darian Caine. Almost a shot-by-shot remake of VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION, it’s still a fun watch.

The attraction of these films is simple: lots of beautiful women touching each other and being naughty. It’s also interesting to take VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION, the first Seduction Cinema film and compare it to THE SEXY ADVENTURES OF VAN HELSING, a more recent movie. You can see that they have gotten slicker with how the films look without losing what made them famous.

Personally, the presence of Tina Krause makes this a set that no true fan of Seduction Cinema should miss. This DVD set has four films with behind-the-scenes featurettes for all of them but VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION, which has a very funny blooper reel. Throw in a new booklet by film historian Ed Grant and you have a DVD set that any red-blooded person who adores lesbian vampires will find irresistible.