Directed by Who The Fuck Cares (this is the actual on-screen credit, not an observation)
2006 – 72 Minutes/Widescreen
DVD Provided by Bloodbath Pictures
Article written by Douglas A. Waltz

The girls in High School (that’s the name of the school) are planning a slumber party. One girl’s parents are out of the house for the weekend and it’s the perfect time to drink and have fun. The boy’s football team is also planning a party of their own. It’s plain to tell that they are football players. Their shirts actually say “Football Players.” But there’s a killer on the loose – a bald, bearded man with a chef’s hat and a cleaver, and he doesn’t care who he kills. To be honest, we have no idea why he’s doing it.

But that’s not what this is about. This movie is about boobs. Lots of boobs. When the film started and we get Jenny (Leah Ford) in bed, I thought, okay no way she’s getting naked for this flick, but the producers second guessed me and sure enough we start the movie with tits! This is always a good way to start a movie. If you’re making a movie, be sure to start it with boobs. Big ones, little ones, it doesn’t matter. You will have your audience’s attention and then you can do what you want.

It doesn’t take long before the body count begins. The Chef doesn’t care, if you have a pulse, he has a cleaver to stop it. Sure, the effects aren’t the greatest, but it’s supposed to be funny. The movie works well and manages to have quite a few funny moments as well as a couple of laugh out loud moments. Not bad for a micro budget flick. I’m proud that it never tries to be more than what it is and it revels in its origins. I wish they had done more with labeling things. They have generic signs that read “car,” “high school student,” “football player.” They even had the audacity to take a “football player” shirt, cross out “player” and scrawl “coach” for the coach. I wish they had taken it farther by labeling more things, but labels cost money so I understand.

Now, if there is one shining bad thing about BIKINI BLOODBATH, it has to be Debbie Rochon. I can remember when Debbie was a promising scream queen with a knockout figure. But here she yet again plays the lesbian that screams her hatred for men. It's getting old. We've all seen her do better with much more interesting roles. Her acting here seems stilted and is painful to watch, considering where she's been and what she has accomplished in the past. And, in my opinion, her part here would be all right if she brought her usual proper acting techniques that we've seen in the past and played something but a bull dyke. Too Bad.

Other than that, BIKINI BLOODBATH is a witty, fun spoof of the Slasher genre. Oh, and there’s a sequel. It’s called BIKINI BLOODBATH CAR WASH. Damn! It’s got Debbie Rochon in it? Any bets she plays a bull dyke? You’d win that bet, my friend.